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My laptop has been experiencing sudden power offs. I don' t think it turns off completely, because I think my data was still there when I turn it back on. Could this be because of overheating? It's a 4-5 year hold hp pavilion ze2000. Been through a couple reformats. My virus/malware scans didnt pick up anything.
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  1. Has it turned of while it's been plugged in? I've got a pavilion zv6000 It's also 4-5 years old, and it has a wierd oval shaped charger. Because of the charger's design, it doesn't twist in it's socket like most do, the cable flexes right after the plug, and mine eventually broke. When it was starting to break it would lose connection when I moved it, which caused the laptop to suddenly shut off. If this is the case, it will only happen when it's plugged in, and it gets moved or jossled. You can try splicing the wire if you like or you can just buy a new charger.
  2. It's happened both on AC and battery. and battery was not low
  3. decipherfreak said:
    It's happened both on AC and battery. and battery was not low

    If it happened on battery,then my idea is BS. it's not the charger. good luck.
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