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Autofocus nightmare!

All help is greatly appreciated! While on vacation recently I loaned my Canon Rebel Digital camera to my nephew. I gave him some quick basics and off he went. I got the camera back later and found that I could no longer autofocus the camera. I was wondering if anyone could help me with getting this focus issue solved without having to send the (Sigma) lens in for repair? I'm fairly certained that he may have turned this lens while the autofocus was on. I have another lens (Sigma) which works perfectly so, I'm fairly certain it's the lens!

However, should I need to have this item repaired please provide a reasonable camera place that would aid my delima.

Many thanks to you all!
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    Sorry to hear about your predicament.
    You are probably right that it is the lens - try carefully cleaning the AF contacts on the lens using an alcohol swab. Make certain that the camera battery is fully charged. Now try the AF mode operation.
    If the problem persists, put the camera in Manual Focus Mode and look for any 'binding' as you focus the lens.
    Then try Canon's technical service guys either on the phone or via chat.
    If after all these efforts, the problem still persists, its time to make a decision whether to use the lens in Manual mode, or whether to send it in for repair after weighing the cost of repair Vs the cost of replacement.
    Good luck!
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