[Newbie] upgrading from live value to audigy 1/2

I am using a7vp880 onboard sound which is already support 5.1 sound, and I also have my old live value 5.1.

I'm considering about upgrading to audigy or audigy2 for better sound quality. Could you tell me what will I get? Which will be improved and how? I have verly little knowledge about soundcard and cannot understand what their spec reflect.

Thank you,
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  1. I dont think you can even get an audigy anymore so that leaves you with an audigy2 or audigy2zs. If you watch a lot of movies or play a lot of games get the zs, the latest eax, dd ex, and dts will be worth it.

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  2. yeah dude seriously
    an audigy 2zs is the way to go
    when i upgraded to an audigy from a live
    it was like night and day
    now i have audigy 2 and i`m in heaven
    s/n ratio is like 108db anotherwords no static at all
    and the thing comes with some ripping software
    cd-mp3 mp3-cd ect. that would cost you 20$ alone
    games sound awesome, movies sound awesome
    its worth your 70$
    one you will not have to upgrade for at least 2 years if not more.
    Just make sure you get the audigy 2zs and not the audigy 2 value which is not so good. If you wanna save even more money get the audigy 2zs oem, just doesn`t have a box or instructions (but these are on cd) and you can find on newegg for like 70$ with shipping

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  3. What do you use the sound card for?? If you use you sound card primarily for movie and music I would recommend M-Audio Revolution. If you play a lot games than Audigy is the way to go.
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