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I have a compaq workstation ap550(p3 866-wxp pro)which I want to change the hard drive to ide.What do I have to do to have this drive recognized. I cannot do anything with the scsi drive,it is a nice system someone can use.Please help.
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  1. Did you buy a new ide hard drive for it?
    Did you hookup the drive to the primary or secondary ide controller?
    Did you set the jumper on the back of the hard drive correctly for its position on the cable? (end of cable=master, middle of cable=slave)

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  2. You have to enable that controller in BIOS, the best configuration would be to set the hard drive as single (or master if single isn't offered) by jumper and connect it to the end of an IDE cable, with no other drives attached to that cable, and plug the other end into IDE1.

    After enabling the IDE controller in BIOS it should be able to detect the drive, assuming the drive isn't too large.

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