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Hey guys,

I'm struggling with this problem and hoped someone could answer it or direct me to somewhere I can find the answer.
I have a high-end laptop with a HDMI port. I'd like to use this to watch HD movies that are on my laptop on my HD Ready TV.
The problem is the files are .VOB files in a VIDEO.TS file. I assume this is a typical folder that needs to be burned on some HD-DVD first. My question is:

How can I watch a HD movie from my laptop to my HD tv with my HDMI cable without burning files that are meant to be burned on a (HD)-DVD first, which would complicate the sitaution...

Thanks in advance, appreciate it !
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  1. You can try a player that can read .VOB files directly, like VLC:
  2. With VLC, you can right click on the video_TS folder and click "play with vlc" and it will play the HD dvd so you don't need to worry about watching each of the .vob files one at a time.
  3. PowerDVD will do the same. Also, try Windows Media Player since it's free :P.
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