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Anyone have any expirence using a large LCD TV as a monitor. The one I'm looking at is LC-45GX6U by sharp,1161,1412-,00.html
on sale at new egg for 4,999.

Just wondering if anyone has seen any games run on it?
I'm drooling just thinking about playing Battlefield 2 on it.
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  1. Using a LDC TV as a pc monitor is a whole new kind of computing. I have a 30" panel, and it is fabulous. It's hooked to a Windows MCE box, which includes two HD tv tuners and one SD tuner.
    The Sharp model you mentioned aught to be great. From its specs, it supports 1080p resolutions, which is exceptional. It also has a built-in ASTC tuner to pick up local over-the-air HD broadcasts.
    With the DVI and HDMI connections, it should work great connected to a pc.
    As for performance for pc games, I don't know. Specs at Amazon says the response rate is "less than 12 ms", which, if true, should be good enough for representing games.
    Although the set supports up to 1080p resolution, the manual says the PC connection DVI supports up to 1280 x 768.
    When I get cash flush, I'm going to buy this model.
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