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i have a alienware m17x and i really need to know whats wrong with it, when i boot it up there is no screen and the caps lock and scroll lock led's are solid on and the number lock is flashing, i have searched the dell site and found nothing that explains what this is, does anybody know what this flashing code means ??? please help me i have replaced the lcd flex cable and this has not solved the problem i dont want to waste anymore money with this laptop

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  1. the lights like num lock flashing ect, is a code call dell and see what the code means. I'm sure they'll tell you what the code means for free.

    I have an M17x R1 and one day mine wouldnt boot and all that came on was the blinking caps lock light I found out it was bad ram, got new ram and it fixed my problem.

    You could try to look online but I'd imagine you might have a hard time finding your exact combo of lights.

    edit: I looked it up and it looks like your video card is toast. Sorry
  2. If it's the video card, that model has a replaceable card, you can probably get a new one off ebay. Long as it's not the motherboard at fault you should be up and running with a replacement video card.
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