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Help I'm trying to load win7 on a dell optiplex gx280 and it keeps freezing the install windos screens at the part where it reaches (completing installation) what could be causing this someone please help...
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  1. maybe the video?

    when vista came out, it was made a big deal that you had to have a certain amount of video memory or video card, etc...

    The GX280 might be a little too old to run vista if you have only onboard graphics. I've run vista on gx520 before, but the gx520 is a generation ahead of the 280. ( i mention vista because windows 7 is obviously "based" on vista and will have similar requirements )

    How much RAM do you have?
  2. 512mb of ram and I forgot which video card was installed but it's not using the onboard graphics, and while loading the OS first time it gave me the BSOD during the install process so I'm looking to confirm that somethings wrong with the MOBO like maybe the bios is currupted,.. because no matter what I keep getting the BSOD as it actually got WIN7 loaded striaght to the desktop but then it came as I tried to load the first updates BAM there it came again and wouldn't load it anymore.
    So I decided in the end to just go with a barebones kit instead.... Thks for the help.
  3. Thks. eventually I did load with a fresh copy but to no avail was a bad bios on the mobo and tried to load new bios but the barebone kit seems to be the only fix.
  4. A computer that won't start is frustrating, but the problem is often easy to fix. The steps you take to troubleshoot the problem depend on your symptoms. Because different problems require different troubleshooting steps.
    Here is the sulotion
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