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Hello and sorry for the long post,

Acer Aspire 1691WMLi on start LED’s light up, CD, HDD and FAN start up as normal then it just hangs at black screen. There are no error messages or BIOS beeps (new bios battery fitted). The notebook will sit from 10 to 20 mins before POST and then boot up as normal and operate ok. This will happen randomly from cold start, warm boot, with notebook warmed up or cold.

What I have tried – Plugged in another monitor (shows black screen also). Reseated RAM, HDD, wireless, screen, keyboard and touch pad connections and anything else that is connected. Most components have been tested on another notebook and work ok. The main board has been removed and checked for cracks, bad soldered joints and damaged components etc, especially under the CPU and ATI chipset. I have also tried another CPU and RAM modules. The bios was reflashed with the latest version, reformatted and reloaded Windows and original component drivers.

Power supply adapter supplies around 19.5v ok to the main board (all the way from the connector plug through the connection socket and onto the main board). The battery is also ok. The screen inverter lights up the back light ok when external voltage is applied to dc input side.

What kind of pre POST fault is this? I’m at a complete loss for ideas, can anyone please help?

Acer Aspire 1691WMLi
Intel Pentium M730
2GB DDR2 Dual Channel
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  1. Hi at what point did this start to hang after you put a new cmos battery in or after you done a reinstalation of xp please let me know at what point it started hanging
  2. It started hanging just out the blue about 2 months ago and back then I had replaced the battery but this did not help. Since that time I have gone through the above in my post. The last thing before I posted to this forum was to replace the battery again(there was nothing wrong with the one I removed) then I flashed the bios,I still get the hang. Then I reformated and reloaded Windows.
  3. Late news-
    I forgot to check card reader slot and pcmci slot for bent pins and damage. So I removed the main board again and checked the card reader slot and pcmci slot. Nothing in the slots and all solder connections ok. I also had another good look for damage and bad components......nothing???? Removed 5 off SMT electrolytic capacitors and checked them on my capacitor checker and no faults found. Sometimes capacitors can give power supply and voltage filter problems. Laptop put back together and still the same.
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