The Difference Between LCD and LED TVs?

So manufacturers like Samsung are going full speed ahead with LED TVs. I'm just wondering though if these new TVs are really worth the increased price over LCDs. Also I heard from a friend that if only LED cell gives out, you have to replace the whole thing, much like LCDs.

I'm planning to get an HDTV soon, so in terms of performance, should I get an LCD or an LED TV?
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  1. ...This is a problem that i also have.

    I will say that the only difference between LCD and LED is that they use LED's as a back light (lamp) instead of cold cathode linear. In essence an LED tv is just a LCD tv with a difference lamp. Not actually a true LED TV... In fact samsung have just been hit with a fine from the OFT for false advertisement as people like me and you just assume its a full LED screen...this is not the case at all.

    All i would say is, Samsung/Sharp are not the best companys that sell consumer electronics. I am going to wait untill next year to see what the tue greats produce, sony OLED and Panasonic will have a response to this.
    The only benefit of LED over LCD is size (depth) and power consumption. My money is on the big boys next year when samsung get crushed by an actaul new tech that is far better and been developed to a more future proof design.

    ps - If you look at a samsung 40" LED Series 7 tv against a Panasonic 600hz LCD there is no difference - in fact its better from the panasonic because the picture is more fluid with the motion on screen.

    In my opinion

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