Best 20" or 19" LCD for Gaming?

Well my Viewsonic G90fB is starting to crap out now so I'm finally considering the switch to LCD's. I had one quite a long time ago that I couldn't stand but I imagine they've improved a lot since then.

I don't know much about spec wise so most reviews don't seem to help me much. I can't really find a review comparing all the monitors of this size either :/.

What I'm most concerned about is ghosting / blurry objects at long distances in game and how well it looks at low res. I usually play fps games at 800x600 / 1024 max. I imagine most new games support widescreen well but old games have limited or no options. So yea just curious if theres any that manage to look pretty good at low res's / non widescreen res's. Don't know if thats a realistic desire or not.

Anyways right now I'm mostly stuck on LG/HP/Samsung's versions. Not really sure who else makes a good monitor or not now. I'm kind of shying away from viewsonic as their monitors drivers are very basic and they won't work for my CRT on my new computer for some reason so I can't properly adjust settings through my video card. I'm guessing its not a problem with LCD's as they'll probably get recognized since their newer but ya its pretty lame atm.

I've heard some problems with the LG's of color correction not working right. Not quite sure what color correction does. I've heard that in Samsungs blue seems to be overwhelming green and red.

Also there any other chain stores I'm forgetting. I've been searching Circuitcity, Bestbuy, Walmart, Compusa, Staples. Not sure what else there is. Not really having much luck finding 20" monitors at most of these places. I'd rather pay a bit extra at a store though cause I don't trust UPS :).
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  1. I am afraid you are going to be deeply disappointed when you make the switch. The G90FB is a very good monitor (if not quite to Sony Trinitron, Mitsubishi Diamondtron standards) and you will notice blurriness and weird colours with TFTs. Also, if you run it at non-native, image quality will deteriorate even further. Do not dispair though, you will get used to it, even though you will not be amazed by the image quality, as you were when you got your CRT. I would look for a non TN panel 20-22'' TFT. Keep in mind that you will need a good set up to be able to play games at their native resolutions though.
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