Video capture/frame grabber with VGA input?


Does anyone know of any video capture/frame grabber cards that have a VGA input port? What I'd like to do is take the VGA (or DVI, I guess) output from one computer and run it directly into another computer. On the second computer, I'll need to periodically grab the screen (i.e. bitmap format) of the first computer. However I haven't been able find any cards that will support this. Any ideas?

Note that I can't just have the first computer do a screen dump and send it over a network connection to the second computer because in this particular application the network connection won't always be available...

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  1. Sure, there are a number of specialised VGA/DVI capture boards, both USB and PCI based, for instance:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
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    But they are really expensive, specialised parts designed for things like industrial automation and medical imaging systems.

    Dare I ask the obvious question - If you can string VGA cable between to boxes to capture VGA output, can't you just run a separate network link of some kind (IEEE1394, ethernet, WIFI, bluetooth, IRDA, even PPP over serial) specifically for passing the snapshot? It would have to be simpler and cheaper than VGA capture....
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