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Nikon d90 sale

Hi I want to buy a Nikon D90 with a decent lense.
Please let me know how much it would cost me.
thank you
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    I buy my Nikon stuff at B&H Photo. Newegg is also a good source.
    Just stay away from 'grey market' products (more about grey market on Nikon's website).
  2. can u give us the link to that nikon's website which list grey market links
  3. Siddharth, here is the link for more info on "grey market" products:

    Please keep in mind that the "grey market" products are not advertised as "grey market". The difference is that in the US, the products that come with a full warranty are described as "US" after the product name. I have seen the same reputable online merchant sell both, the US version as well as the grey market version. I buy my Nikon products from a reputable US online merchant who sells both versions, and over the years I have never had any issues. I do not buy grey market products.

    If you need an online merchant recommendation, please send me a PM.
  4. thanks for the link, actually I am in India right now, one of my fren is going to USA though,,I was thinking maybe I will get a dslr from there with his helps. but I have not decided yet,
  5. Don't forget to get an extra Lithium battery for whichever camera you buy. A good zoom lens for the DSLR would be 18 -105mm.

    The majority of pics (indoor, parties, scenery) are shot in the 18 to 50 range. This applies to digital only (not comparable to the film cameras). The 50 to 105 range will be good for sporting events, wildlife, distant objects, etc.

    I also have a 70 - 300mm Nikon zoom lens, but it is used less than 5% of the time.
  6. thanks but I am afraid I am not getting my cam from USA,
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