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Hi, I'm interested in the Voodoo Firebird 803. It has nice performance, a sleek design and a small size. I plan to do some minor gaming (CoD4 and Halo), surfing the web, school work, and watching movies. First of all, where can I buy one of these? Both Amazon and Newegg do not sell the 803 version, and the Voodoo website gives no link to the product.
Also, how does this computer compare to the Dell Studio XPS 9000?
Will there be any new updates in the next half year (I plan on buying this buy september of next year) or will a new desktop product by Voodoo come out in that time period or shortly after?
Lastly, a little off topic but when will USB 3.0 come out for Intel motherboards. I heard on Wikipedia that it will come out in 2011, but I'm not sure if I can trust it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I think you should wait until next year to make your final decision. Prices will fluctuate between now and september 2010 and who knows... .maybe a better, faster system will be available for less money than this one costs.
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