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is my situation, I have a Sony cdx-501p mounted in my Harley, I used the Hawg Wired mounting kit and I used the Sony wired remote, so that I can use my handle bar controls.
Everything has been great until recently, The head unit,now cycles thru the demo screen after about 2-3 minutes of being on and the iPod will now just start going thru random shuffle. I have done the whole Apple thing with reloading, reboot, etc.I don't think the problem is with the iPod. Because I have it playing right now in the house. I did see an earlier post about a possible bad ground, so i'll check that also. Any suggestions or directions to look at?
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  1. My marine sony m50ip lc screen just stopped working and it is less than 6 months old. Try getting their customer support is like trying to catch a fart in a wind storm. Neither works...dont buy it...
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