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Raid 0 is performance Raid, Raid 1 mirror, is that right?

Is this correct: 2x 74gb WD SATA 10,000rpm Raptors in a performance raid setup is the best possible boot-drive setup? Do they make a 16mb cache version of these drives? Is this "the ultimate" boot-HD setup?

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  1. Yes raid0 sata raptors is the ultimate boot setup. I'd install all games/apps to those drives as well.
    There are no 16mb cache raptors, they don't need that.

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  2. Ok, let me rephrase. Raid0 raptors are the ultimate "budget" boot drive :)

    I know scsi is the best, it is just beyond most of us due to the price tag so I don't bother mentioning it :)

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  3. <i>>Raid 0 is performance Raid, Raid 1 mirror, is that right?</i>

    Not quite. RAID0 is improved continuous read/write performance, RAID1 is mirroring.

    <i>> Is this "the ultimate" boot-HD setup</i>

    It's not any different to a single drive. Boot hard drives don't do continuous reads, boot is a random read pattern so seek time is king, RAID0 won't help you there, but SCSI will.
  4. <i>>Huh? You want to compare it to my two 10kRPM SCSI in RAID-0 setup?</i>

    Sure, there are currently only 6 SCSI drives able to beat a WD740GD Raptor in the boot time I/O benchmark. Oh, and the Maxline III, haha!
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