LG Blue Ray Surround Sound issue.

We just purchased an LG LHB953 Blue Ray Surround System. It works great except that I cannot get the rear speakers to work. I have run the speaker test program and all including the rears operate well. But when receiving Pandora or Netflix they do not work. We have the standard Comcast box that we have had for many years. Our TV is HDTV ready. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. I have an LG, LHB953 and I am having a similar problem. When I do the audio check of the unit, all speakers are functioning. When I play a DVD or watch Netflix, I get the front two speakers only. I purchased a diagnostic disc from CompUSA and it is showing that that only the front two speakers are connected properly and I get no test tones out of the other speakers. Right, left surround, center and sub-woofer give me nothing. When I connect the wires for these speaker to either the left or right front locations on the unit, the speakers give a tone. I re-connect all wires as the instructions say, the test mode shows all speakers functioning properly. But again, when I play on the front left and right operate. Help!
  2. you have to set your 'source' player(DVD, BLU-RAY) on surround ssound mode.
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