Gateway LX4800-01H STAY AWAY

Stay away from the Gateway LX4800, it is terrahorrible.

I am a tech working for a support company, we rarely do home computers but obviously we wont refuse business.

So here she comes bringing us this Gateway LX4800


Intel Core2Quad 8200
4gigs ram
Nvidia G100
A capture Card
750Gig harddrive
DVD Blueray

The worst 300W PSU I have ever had fun opening.
FSP Group Inc Psu, 1x 80mm fan on the back of the psu with the super cheap grill...
In the PSU, Capacitors looked fine, but holy crap, weldings are poor, some parts are held by glue on the freaking heatsync... its just funny.

She brought it in because it shuts down randomly when she works on it.

Our tests, Winrar benchmark, and ATI Tools.
Indeed, it just dies after 1 minute of stress.

Sell her a thermaltake 500W and an additional 80mm quiet casefan (the chipset was getting real hot)

Problem solved...

I am just astonished that Gateway will put not only a 300W psu but that CRAP under a pc that has a fair amount of toys.
After seeing that I just advise people to stay away.
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  1. Hi I happen to have this computer model too and it does the same thing I changed my psu for a 700w unit it didn't shutdown for a while but now it's starting to do it again it seems to be doing it the most when im watching flash videos and some video games. I don't really know what to do now I'm thinking maybe the gpu or the cpu is overheating any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. I have the same pc, had the same problem, and fixed it with a 12$ fan. problem is videocard overheated and caused crashes..... now its working really fine, never crashed again and looking to change that crappy videocard
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