Tips on Cleaning a PC(it is necessary to ground myself?)

ways to Ground myself when cleaning my PC, others done by just touching their case(with installed psu plugged on wall but turned off)frequently to avoid ESD(is this applicable wether it is not grounded),i am thinking of using an anti electrostatic wristband but i think its pointless cause our socket in our house doesn't have wiring for ground,i'm about to worry to destroy my Components caused by ESD,., the ac chord of the PC was plugged in the Automatic Voltage Regulator and plugged to the wall socket.Can please someone help me. tnx.
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  1. I've been working on and building computers for over 30 years and have never had an issue, although I am aware of ESD, always touch the inside of the case before touching components, never handle the socket part of a component (hold it by the edges), and don't run around in silk socks on a wool rug.

    You really don't need to disassemble to clean, just use canned compressed air and a small unused paint brush to gently brush surfaces -- I also use a small plastic vacuum attachment to suck out dust bunnies on the bottom of the case and to clean the fan filters if there are any.

    I would say that if you are aware and careful it is not an issue.
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