Win 7 Ultimate upgrade on SSD w/ Win 7 Pro on HDD?

I currently have Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on my Dell Inspiron 530 and just bought a 256G SSD. Can I use a Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit upgrade disc to install on the new SSD while leaving the old 7pro32 HDD in the PC?
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  1. Looks like nobody else will guide you through this, because it's a little complicate. :)
    You can install the 64bit on the SSD and will end up with a dual boot scenario. The bad part though is that the boot loader will be the one on the HDD, so can not format the old 32bit later. Better to start with the HDD disconnected and get a full install on the SSD. Tricky part: what do you need to prove the upgrade? I've never done it this way, but for a xp to 7 upgrade a xp CD does the job.
  2. Thanks. I have a few XP CDs around somewhere. Would it simply see the CD drive as the OS and allow an upgrade disc to do a full install on an SSD in my case?

    Instead of a dual boot like you described couldn't I have each drive in the system and tell Bios which one to boot from when I want to change?

    I read somewhere that it was possible to install from an upgrade disc, but not enter the key and then upgrade with the key. Does that still work and if so would it be feasible in my situation?

    Thanks again.
  3. Yes, but why would you even want to keep the old OS installed, just install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and store all your data on the HDD.

    I would recommend you trying this out:

    Here's a video I found on You tube showing what EasyBCD can do:
  4. It's not that I want to keep the old OS installed, but that currently it has my only copy of most of my data, docs, etc. My backup drive failed and I have no were to migrate the data from the old OS drive which I would need to do before reformatting.

    The only reason I might need to boot from the old drive is if something I need won't work on 64 bit.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll checkout the link and video you suggested.
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