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i want to buy a camera,,i already have sony W30 but now i want to replace it,,,is canon Sd960 is good choice or should I buy some other one.
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  1. It's a pretty hard question to answer without personal prejudice.

    If you've been happy with your Sony, bear in mind that you probably have an investment in their proprietary memory cards. But Canon uses SD cards which are cheaper and, personally I think the brand is a good choice.

    Sony and Canon models seem to command a premium price over similar cameras from other makers. For that reason I would suggest also looking at Fujifilm who seem to have clever sensors in their upmarket models.

    I have a couple of low end Olympuses bought secondhand for peanuts -- they're clearly robust and they operate logically.

    There is such an enormous range of cameras that you'd have to spends days reading reviews to establish whether there was a better buy out there than the SD960 -- but perhaps before you spend the money you might invest some time.
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