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Hello, earlier I bought Gran Turismo 5. Obviously it's not as great using a controller so I wanted to buy a wheel.

I was looking at the G27 for the past couple months but after doing heavy research, I found out there's a common issue that the wheel just stops working after a couple days, weeks, or months after use. (Still deciding if I should buy the g27 or not.)

Can someone suggest a racing wheel within the criteria?

Price range: $150

What I want:
900 degree wheel rotation.
I want it to have a stick shift or a flappy paddle gearbox. (Both would be nice)
DURABILITY. Not something that would just break for no reason by using it for a couple months.

What I would like:
Clutch pedal (It isn't a necessity but I would really love it.)

I'm not sure if I can get too much for $150, but I know there's a lot of you out there that can do better research than I can.

Note: I also don't mind saving up extra cash for a better wheel if your suggested wheel is above my range, as long as it's not TOO much.

Thanks in advance. :)
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