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I have an a6 3420m with 6520g graphics and I recently install windows 7 in virtualbox. However, I can't view it in fullscreen because it's using the generic drivers for the graphics. The best I can do is 1280x1024 even though my screen is 1600x900. I can't install the drivers off of the amd website because it can't detect my graphics hardware. This is my first time using virtualbox or anything like it.
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    Hi. You need to download and install the virtual box extension pack. You also need to download the virtual guest additions iso. You mount this as a virtual cd Drive in the virtual box options. They can both be downloaded from this link These downloads are for Virtual box 4.1.22 which is the latest release. If you have an earlier version download the latest from here also. Once these are done just play around with the settings for your screen res Ect.
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