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I'm in the market for a wireless keyboard and would really appreciate and suggestions or advice anyone has on the subject. I listed my current setup and programs I'm normally going to use the keyboard with. Below that are things I'm looking for in the keyboard itself. There are a couple that I've already looked at, the Microsoft ZV1-00004 and Logitech 967557-0403. I'm really curious about the Microsoft one, because I love the look and built-in pointer. However, it's only in IR and seems to only be for Media Center XP, which I don't have or care to. Any suggestions as to where I can be looking for a product that'll suit these needs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Current Setup
Windows XP
VLC Player

Looking for
RF Wireless
Media Controls
Pointer, Trackpad (Optional)
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  1. That Microsoft keyboard only works on Media Center Mode and not on Windows Mode, if you want the same features the closest thing you can get is the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 or the 8000. You may just stay with logetech as it is cheaper.


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