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Bonjour monsiuer, My name is Jason Ranthatsa, I am 22 years of age. I was born and raised in Botswana, Africa.I am urgently seeking for your help. I recently bought an MP3 sunglasses at the local dealer here in Botswana. It is a bluetooth peripheral device, but it cannot receive music files when I connect it to my PC. wINDOWS 7 cannot read this device as it indicates that there is no DRIVER found in the device. So sir, I was humbly requesting you to help me find the driver for the device. I cannot even identify the manufacturer's website and the dealer has refused to help me.

Your assistance will be highly accepted

Yours Faithfully

Jason Ranthatsa
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  1. I found the blurtooth peripheal device driver for my Sprint based HTC EVO 4G LTE simply by calling HTC and asking about it. The the support tech was very courtious and directed me exactly where I need to go.

    Hope this helps,
    Dogwood :)
  2. One u will need to had bluetooth receiver/dongle connected to the pc... (turned on)

    2. Try reconfirm if the sun glasses detected in bluetooth devices and start pairing..

    3. for file transfer, win7 bluetooth stack/app is quite bad.. (they remove quite lot of function...)

    so 3rd parties bluetooth stack usually needed...
    I'm using paid one, so I'm cannot recommended free ones
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