Dual Boot Windows 7 with Windows 7 - How can you hide drives?


I currently have a dual booting system with Window7 booting on two different hard drives. When I installed the first OS it also installed the boot manager on the same drive. When I installed the second OS on a different drive it obviously used the original boot manager installed on the first drive(OS). The OS that is on the drive with the boot manager I am able to "disable" the second drive that is housing the second OS. The helps insure I won't cross contaminate the second drive(OS) when using the first drive(OS).

Now comes the problem.

I want to do the same thing within the second OS but I can't because you can't disable a drive that has the boot manager on it. So, OS2 is using a drive that houses OS1 and the boot manager. I am trying to figure a way to hide OS1 from OS2 and can't because the OS1 drive has the boot manager on it.

Hope that made sense and I hope someone has a solution.


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  1. Short answer:
    Unmount the drive.

    Long Answer:
    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.

    Find the drive you don't want to use. Right-Click > Change Drive Letter and Patch. Remove the drive letter. You won't be able to access through normal means. You can always add a drive letter back if you need to.

    /P.S. this is also an effective way of hiding the pr0n from the wife... not that I do that or anything.
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