Pc or Macs? pros and cons

doing a presentation and would like to know some facts for both on which is better for what type of person, and pros and cons for both
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  1. There are about 3,000,000,000 articles and posts on this on the web already, just do web search.
  2. As an avid user of both (15" Macbook Pro and custom desktop), I can say that I wish I never would have gone down the Apple path. I got my Macbook for college, and it HAS done everything just fine. It's a great laptop. However, the price ($2500 with graphic upgrades and RAM and HDD upgrades), is not worth it at ALL. I could have bought a Dell Laptop for $2500 that would have blown my laptop out of the water. Also, although compatibility isn't a huge issue unless you are running tons of windows only programs (most steam games/rendering software/etc), you'll do just fine (office carries over just fine as .docx if you get it for Mac).

    Tl;Dr go buy a fantastic HP or Toshiba for $1200 to get the same computing power of a $2500 MacBook Pro.
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