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I have an old Sony LBT-D105. Where can I get an antenna to listen to FM radio, and how do I hook it up?
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  1. Not quite sure if this is in the right department (as it's a 15 year old stereo system, not an MP3) but in my experience of Sony stuff you'll need either:

    a balanced ribbon aerial (normally a T shaped piece of wire with tagged terminals which fit FM screw/crimp fitments at the rear of the Sony)

    OR a coaxial cable to an FM roof aerial. Sonys used to be fitted with a Japanese/US style coax with a screw fit barrel, but some models may be fitted with a European press fit coax plug.
  2. Thanks so much! - I got one of the balanced ribbon kind of aerials from Radio Shack and that seems to do the trick.
    Best regards.
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