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Turned on laptop ASUS G70S after hibernation. The laptop won't start, the ASUS logo would not show. After emergency shutdown, I tried to boot it again but it continuously turns on and off. Help!!!
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  1. did u remove the battery (a long battery under the laptop in the back) and remove the power supply (ac adapter from wall to laptop) then waited 2 minutes then put the ac adapter only and start the laptop?
  2. Will try.
  3. Tried, but unfortunately my laptop still won't boot up. It still only turns on but doesn't show the logo or anything at all on the screen. I can hear the ODD being accessed but even if I insert my recovery disc in nothing happens. Once again HELP!!!
  4. did you ever figure it out? i'm having the same issue?
  5. Nope, laptop is still dead and i'm sending it in for warranty repair/replacement.
  6. Hi,

    I'm new to this post and having the same problem. Did you got it fix? If you don't mind and share with us what was the problem(s)? And how did it get fix? Thanks and have a nice day.
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