What do ya reckon of the Canon SX200 IS ?

I was wondering what you guys thought of it, the canon SX 200IS?

We are on a limited budget, around $280. Wanting a point and shoot with a little extra to mess with. Hoping for great movie in 720p as well as a large zoom for pictures and a wide angled lense.

Would this be a good choice please?
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  1. Anybody :(
    I dont have allot to bring to the table as far as electrical but I do know allot on knives, machetes, trapping, survival, flashlights that I would quite happily help people with
  2. There sure is allot of readers on here :sarcastic:

    Have you all lost your arms in nam or something? Or is this website Saudia Arabian and you are all theives :??: You all might as well be, information theives the lot of you !!
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