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Hi All,

Pls help me. I am a newbie without much tech knowledge. I subscribed to Vonage world calling and will be getting my adapter in fnext few days.

I don’t understand technically but please see my requirements below and suggest best VOIP compatible Vonage phone.

1. Ability to use cordless in home
2. Use wireless internet if possible (not must)
3. It should be speaker phone so that i can take office calls long while working from home without holding the device
4. Calls recording capability if possible (not necessary)
5. expandable to two handsets for two rooms and living room
6. good reliable brand (analogy like Google is for search / etc)

I intend to purchase preferably online.

Pls suggest your best opinion and advice

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  1. ANY analog phone is compatible w/ Vonage. Although the VOIP service is digital, the adapter accepts any analog phone on its RJ11 port. The adapter automatically takes care of the conversion from analog to digital and back. So buy whatever analog phone you desire. Single phone, cordless phone, cordless phone w/ message center and additional handsets, etc. Doesn't matter, whatever you prefer.
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