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I have a Revox A77 and expect to soon have a Studer (B31? - not sure which model). Both need repair. Is there a place to contact in or near New York City, NY, USA? If not, where you recommend that I could ship the recorders to?

Thanks, Norman
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  1. Revoxes are usually side-splittingly expensive to repair, although very simple to disassemble.

    The main issue is the cost of record heads, thanks presumably to the Swiss franc/German mark.

    The mechanical engineering is pretty good but the electronics are not up to Japanese standards. With A77 there's a serious problem with plastic parts being perished by the heat inside -- so setting up the record equalisation or whatever can end up as a soldering job when you have to replace most of the potentiometers.

    You need a repair place within driving distance. Shipping would be expensive and risky due to weight and fragility (you'd be amazed how badly freight companies treat your stuff).
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