Installing Win7 to new hdd

Hi all - hope you can help.
I have 2- 500g hdd - the 2nd one is new and I have been unable to install win7 on it.
It is formatted, setup, drivers installed. It shows up in disk mgt and explorer.

However, when I try to install win7(after switching sata cable's between the 2 drives)on this hdd,
I get a message that there is no partition on the drive.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Thanx all

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    You formated it! The installation needs raw space on the disk. At the point where you can choose the disk there should be an "advanced" option, where you can delete the partition and select the space for the installation.
  2. Hi Noidea_77 - You mean in the installation process, not in disk mgt now?

  3. Yes! You can also delete the partition in the disk management if you still have the other win installation.
  4. hey - thanx - that worked.
    Now win7 can't fig confoguring, si i'm giving up on that for now.

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