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If I have an Asus SK8N with "OCZ EL Dual Channel Kit 2x256MB DDR400 PC3200 CL 2-3-2-6 ECC/REG" (512MB Mfr: OCZ400512ELERDC-K) memory; do I have to buy the same type of memory to make it work well. I want to extend it to 1024MB Ram but I do not want to spend £80 on 512MB ram. I want to buy "Kingston ValueRam 512MB DDR PC3200 400MHz CL3 MfrKVR400X64C3A/512". Would it work or would I damage something.

Also is it worth getting extra memory right now or should I wait as 512MB as it is enough for all current games.


Thanks BrentUnitedMem.. I wanted to reply to the post but couldn't work out how to do it :? Duh! I think I will not buy the memory now. I'll sit on it for a while. :)

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  1. Your motherboard supports registered memory.

    You can find the QVL for your board <A HREF="http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket940/sk8n/overview.htm" target="_new"> HERE </A>

    "Memory with lifetime warranty? So, whose lifetime is that?"
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  2. hi there i have a 512mb set of ocz memory part number ocz400512elerdc-k if you are interested had it in an asus sk8v for 6 months . i am open to offers at protea@iolfree. cheers
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