Laptop connection to an LCD that dosen't support VGA???

hey guys, I have a laptop that has a VGA connection but the problem is my LCD tv doesn't have a VGA output is there anyway that I can pass this obstacle so that I use my LCD as a monitor for my laptop sometimes? it has the following connections if that helps

2x HDMI sockets
1 SPDIF socket
1 red socket, one blue and one green ( small ones)
Data socket
L R (white and red sockets)
Antennae 75 socket
S Video socket

help me out here guys, what equipment do I need I am pretty sure its possible right?
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  1. Probably something like this VGA to Component adapter.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I have one of those, but I couldn't figure it out could you elaborate a little bit? :D
  3. The VGA end of the cable connects to your laptop's VGA output. The Red, Blue, and Green connectors connect to the component inputs on your HDTV.

    You may need to go into desktop properties to enable the secondary (HDTV) output. Make sure, before doing so, that your laptop's screen resolution is equal to or less than your HDTV's resolution.

    -Wolf sends
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