Problem with my 5.1 Speaker system - Logitech Z5500's

Hi all,

Just recently my Z5500's havent been up to scratch and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with it.

Whenever I try to play a game (e.g. Fallout 3) Speech etc is missing, at first i thought it was problem with the game, yet when i changed my speaker configuration to Stereo all the sounds came back. I have checked all connections and they are fine - and it is only on games where I am losing sounds on the 5.1 setup - I still hear sounds from all speakers when I listen to music.

I have tried the sound tests and it seems to only pick up the FL and FR speakers and nothing else, i have tried what i think is everything and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here.

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  1. Don't use digital connections, use the analog.
  2. I have the Z5300e speakers and have noticed this problem when I have matrix mode enabled. This mode will take stereo sound and multiply it across all the speakers. This means that the other channels are cut off leading to missing voices and sound effects in games. Check if you speakers have a matrix mode and disable it.
  3. how do i ask a question?
  4. Vythiel said:
    ... Check if you speakers have a matrix mode and disable it.

    Z5500 don't have matrix mode, it has PL2 (Pro Logic 2) pretty much like matrix on Z5300e, and both create surround sound and it does not divide the audio to 5 speakers as you mentioned. It’s completely different from splitting the sound.
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