Raptor Raid 0 speed issue

I just recently installed 2x74gb raptors in raid 0
i have a soltek sl-75frn2 with built in raid controller its a promise fastrak 376 controller

the problem (if there is one) is that it flatlines at 110mb/sec (see pic) ive tested a single raptor and got 65-85mb/sec and was expecting 125mb+ with raid 0

<A HREF="http://storage.msn.com/x1pqUZNW2UDxSB4PMa0N0-ysn6wTFt7qW3IPrYvYseGbi2aixyweVSmZyfhwI3IXI_oBRE36R6AoMacwLSA1tYB-MWVAMDdwZQO4GewpKj35Tk" target="_new"> pic </A>

does anyone have any idea of why there seems to be a limit or bottleneck at 110mb??????????????????
it cant be the drives cos thers next to no peak or troughs as i would expect at start of drive then tailing off, it does drop near end of drive

now dont get me wrong im perfectly happy loading win xp with all programs antivirus and many other things it does when loading in only 10-15 secs (it was ONLY 5 secs with a fresh install of xp!!)

but if im missing out on 15-20mb a sec i wanna know why :)
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  1. That is pretty darn good. There are other factors that play in to performane overhead that is causing this. And you never get double performance, but you are getting good scores.

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  2. <i>>does anyone have any idea of why there seems to be a limit or bottleneck at 110mb</i>

    Yep, that's the limit of the 33MHz 32bit PCI-bus (33e6*32=1.056Gb/s = 132MB/s). You need a wider/faster bus if you want more speed.
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank you guys for the replies
    that explains everything
    never thought it would be on the same bus

    looking forward to an upgrade to PCIe when a wider choice of mobos come available

    which leads me to wonder how a set of 6800 gt in SLI would effect my raid with a 939pin mobo would they be sharing bus bandwidth again?
  4. I get 112 MB/sec on my 2x74GB Raptor RAID 0 array. That is all I can get, so you are fine. We are just maxed out on the PCI bus. I am using the SI 3112 on my Asus A7N8X Deluxe. I always wondered how much faster these drives could go, if they weren't bottlenecked. Anyways, only route is PCI express that runs at 66 Mhz or 133 Mhz instead of 33 Mhz.

    My System:
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  5. <i>> looking forward to an upgrade to PCIe</i>

    There is already a PCI technology with increased bandwidth. The standards PCI slot is 32bit, 33MHz. This has been increased to 64bit, 66MHz although more advanced PCI-X slots are now 64bit, 133MHz. Boards carrying it are usually server boards though so PCIe is probably the best solution for desktops.
  6. http://uk.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&l2=15&l3=0&model=375&modelmenu=1

    the asus A8N-SLI deluxe looks like a nice upgrade
    twin 1 gb lan
    3gb/s sata2 8 sata sockets i think
  7. damn its got some good features
    i heard the new winchester 90nm amd64 were good overclockers too:(

    at least my raptors be happy

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  8. AMD64 4800+X2 looks a tasty choice hope they manage Q3 supplies as promised
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