best memory for an asus a8n-sli?

anyone have this MB? which is good memory?
i`m looking to go to 2gb

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  1. no actually i want a total of 2gb so 512 a module x4
    and i`m not going to oc except for what the mb can auto oc
  2. you know i did run into this issue beore with this MB and i was convinced to use only 2 modules but then i started seeing all the oem`s using all four (such as falcon and voodoo not to mention the popular mechanics rig) so why are they all doing this? I also noticed they use faster ram. SO are they readjusting for the drop in bus speed by OC the ram?
  3. no they were using amd fx chips
    check out voodoo`s top of the line
  4. I've read that you can use 2T timings and they'll be ok at 400 in some cases...I have an a8n-sli delu...i have 2x512 in there now, but i don't have an extra set of the 512s to throw in with it.
    Can i ask why you want 2gb? If you're going 2gb, you might as well go with 2 sticks...if only because you could then later upgrade to 4gb assuming the hardware will support that. I don't remember what the board will take off the top of my head. You might be careful there...the 1 gb sticks might not be able to run at 400 anyway...

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  5. only reason is a lot of oem`s are using 512x4
    so i figured why not
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