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I have setup a connection from my laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium using "Home Jukebox" software to my Sony Jukebox (CDP-CX455) via Slink-e. When I try to connect to the jukebox I receive a message stating there are no cd changers connected and to check the cables and connections. I have done that and everything appears to be in order but I am still unable to connect/control the changer. Do you any suggestions?
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    Hmm, that doesn't look good. Are you sure it's even supported?
  2. eibgrad said:

    Hmm, that doesn't look good. Are you sure it's even supported?

    That is pretty much what I thought too.! The Panther Studios website states that their software (Home JukeBox) and the slink-e are both Vista compatible. I see many others in the forums that say the are successfully running Vista. When I press buttons on the cd-changer remote the light on the slink-e flashes rapidly between amber and green and then goes back to solid green. Does this mean that there is a connection between the cd-changer and the slink-e? I have emailed Panther Studios with this problem but haven't heard back from them.

    I wish Bill Gates would have left Nirvis alone. Microsoft was working on Media Center around the time I bought my slink-e. I guess they saw Nirvis as competition for Media Center scooped them up.
  3. Hey, did you double check to see if your USB-Serial (presumably) is working? I know I have had issues with this going offline.

    Also, do you happen to have a copy of the HomeJukeBox! client software. I wasn't using my system in a server configuration and didnt realize that I had to download separately. Now I try to download but panther studio's web site is gone.


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