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I have a HP Pavillion Slim Line , Product GG787AA, Serial MXF7240FDT. The mother board has gone bad twice. The first time HP warranty it, but I had to mail it to them to get it fixed. I have had the repaired mother board now 95 days and the mother board went bad again and HP will not stand behind the bad mother board. Has anyone had the same problem? I am ready to just go buy a lenova to replace it rather than have more problems again. HP support has gotten so bad it reminds me of the days when I used to own Dell and switch to HP for the good customer service. HP no longer has good customer service, nor stands behind the faulty product.
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  1. I couldn't agree more. I bought an HP 17" Pavilion dv7-1245dx, refurb laptop in July, and began to experience the WORST nightmare with customer svc you could imagine. From out of the box, the LCD display kept failing, HP kept insisting on troubleshooting over phone, no success, every day the screen went out, had to do hard shut down, r/repl battery over 75 x in two mos. They finally agreed after 2 months to repair it, had to mail back, they kept over 3 wks. They said they replaced motherboard, thermalsinc and AC cable, but on return it STILL had same problem. I then went to executive case mgr. level, who insisted on repairing it again, would NOT replace it, said warranty only provided for repair. Well, they could not repair it first time why would I let them have it another 3 wks? I finally called online retailer TD.com who, on receipt of my detailed email outlining problems with HP, agreed to give me a FULL refund. Now THAT is customer svc. I would NEVER again buy an HP computer, and advise everyone not to buy one. Dealing with their customer svc. was so stressful and frustrating for 3 whole months, and they still never stood behind their product, even at a level 3-4 mgr. I am now looking for a replacement laptop and afraid of what kind of cust. svc. I may face with a different company. I know I got a lemon, but dealing with HP cust. svc. made it impossible to resolve the issue. They are automatons just dealing with numbers, they do NOT care about satisfying a customer, only doing cheapest thing for HP. Don't buy HP!!
  2. HP refused to fix my LP that had MB go out on it, they never even told me about a problem with MB and now that my MB went out they will not repair it free. It shocked me that they cared so little about their name and reputation. I won't buy another HP anything nor will I recommend them to anyone however, I will tell my story to everyone I ever talk to about computers.
  3. Exactly my sentimets too. I have since been advised by several pc 'experts' and some who repair HP's that I should steer clear of HP laptops. Their printers, etc. are ok apparently. But I would not want another product of theirs, because I'd have to deal with their lack of customer svc. Absolutely unbelievable how little the mid-mgr. cared about my situation. And those lower level reps are just 'doing their job' and while they sympathized, could not do anything that required any authority. One of them even said they thought HP should replace it. I bought a Toshiba withmy refund, and the first one froze up 4 times the second week. Got it replaced (B-Buy) and while trying to download updates, it froze up!! Have you heard of anyone getting 3 lemons in a row? My third one seems ok for now.
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