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I have a Samsung DVD Player with Faroudja upconversion, which is quite amazing. I'd like to get a Blu-Ray player, but have a lot of SD disks still to play. What's the best upconverter today, and what blu-ray players can I find it in? (e.g. Sony PS3 vs. Reon HQV vs. Faroudja vs. ?) I've heard Panasonic are very good, but they don't say anything about the upconversion process.
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  1. From what I've read in reviews (professional and user) the Oppo BDP-83 is the best out there for upconverting SD discs....if you have the $499 for it. Other good choices are the Pioneer BDP-320, Sony BDP-S360/N460/S560 models, JVC XV-BP1 (more or less in that order).
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