[Solved] .PDF files format in windows 7

files openning in weird format PDF,etc...i have adobe acrobat lattest versions ,.and tried many trouble shooting ,updating,other remedies,PC cleaners,anti virus ,Bitdefender2013.
i cannot open any document and read it or send,...
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    Back on topic, you need Adobe X, which can be found here:

    Also, your writing is atrocious and an insult to the English language; I hope it's not your primary form of communication. Please write clearly next time for everyone.
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  3. oh,.yes ,.err.thanks ,Edogawa,..all is good and gettin gooder,...Adobe X,.seems to have helped, i can assign PDF to it,..Win 7,.Office ..word starter,.will still not open files as it used to,.,...i have been busy and intend to try to address this ,..I assume Adobe X will help of course ,.I dont know alot about it ,.so you may find more comment from me soon if i dont achieve,...

    note;i have sent two replies ,but mail probs,..and has failed to deliver,...And yes since i re-installed(recovery )win 7 back to factory ,i've had glitches along the way.Thanks again,...
    Did you get alll that E,..
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