Hard Decision LG W2252TQ or Asus VK222h

Hi guys and ladies :) It's time to change my CRT monitor with LCD :) I wonder what to take LG W2252TQ or Asus VK222H :) I'll use it mostly for movies, games, Internet and some graphic work :) so what would you advice me :bounce:
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  1. Here's a review of some 22" LCD. The Asus you're interested in is not part of it, it at least it can point you in the right direction:
  2. Some more reviews of 22" LCDs to help you out:
  3. Go LG For The Quality, I've Heard That Is A Really Good Monitor (The W2252TQ). I Was Planning To Buy It But I Didn't Like The Design Compared To The Older Designs. But It Is A Really Great Monitor None The Less. Go For The LG!
  4. Yesterday I bought Dell e228wfp ;)
  5. Thats A Terrible Monitor Compared To The LG :P
  6. idk i like it ;)
  7. I think thats the same lg I have, I'm pretty happy with it. The picture is great. Only con i can think about is the base; you can tilt it backwards a little bit but its compared to something like some of the dells its mobility is lacking.

    I got mine for $269+tax at bestbuy because of a sale.
  8. I have the asus vk222h and i'd probably not recommend it for movies, graphic work: stuff like that. It's good for web browsing and stuff like that (the colours seems to be better for that kinda stuff) but it is quite cheap. In games it's pretty good but if your plugging in your console (i have a ps3) it's not as good as you'd think. In movies, the aspect ratio isn't very favourable. haven't seen the LG one (i'm not a huge fan of LG, but they could be good with screens.

    Here's a review:

    Hope i'm not too late
  9. Oh yeah: that review says that it doesn't come with a USB cable for the webcam, but mine came with it +4 power cables for different regions. pretty much every cable needed except for a HDMI, which would be really awesome if it came with one =)
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