Will a displayport adapter work with eyefinity for 3 moniters?

my situation, i have 2 monitors right now. I like them. But i would like to get a HDTV and wall mount it. I would then plug it into my computer and play movies on it. Problem is, i only have 1 slot for a video card. Right now, i have an 8800gt, i cant plug another connection into it so im thinking about upgrading to the 5850. BUT i just found out that to use 3 monitors, you have to have one of the connections be display port. Its sort of a bummer. But whatever. Nothings perfect.

So here are my 3 monitors (when i get the hdtv)

22in lcd w/ DVI and HDMI connections
17in lcd w/ integrated rgb connection.
37in lcd w/ HDMI or DVI (prefer hdmi though)

None of them have a display port. So one of my questions is, will an adapter work with the eyefinity tech? Then, what monitor should get the display port? I don't think it really matters, but im thinking i would throw it on the 17in. Because that monitor will never be gamed on. Just desktop work.

What do you think? Any input is appreciated. Thanks :D
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  1. I keep hearing rumours that if you must use an "active" Display Port adapter to get all three displays running onthe new 5xxx series cards, or connect to a notive Display Port screen.
  2. Try out this DisplayPort to VGA adapter. It works perfectly, I use it. I've tried others and they flicker or drop a display during resolution changes or on power cycling computers. This one works without any of that mess, in fact I think it's better than most of the Active DisplayPort to DVI adapters if you don't need DRM on the VGA attached monitor.

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