NOT A SCAM worth a read!

signing upto to this free sign through think think enables you do do what im doing, you chose
1 chose your prize
2 complete an offer (includes free offers)
3 refer people
4 claim prize

each prize has a certain amount of referals for example if i get 25 people to sign up i get £500 for, but there is things like getting 4 people signed up gets you a wii fit, 6 people gets you a nintendo ds, there are mainly consoles- psp, dsi, ds, xbox 360, wii or vouchers for amazon, my friend did it and recieved a dsi for his little boy so it isnt a scam, and you dont have to part with money. the offer i did was free 2 week trial for love i just had to sign up and recieve at least 1 dvd, which aint bad combined getting 25 ppl signed up for £500.
Please take a look see for yourself.

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  1. I've used this too, it takes a while to get anything decent but worth it in the end :)
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