Can an Inspiron Mini 9 run Starcraft well?

Greetings again,

I've been offered an Inspiron Mini 9 for half price, but I'd really like to know if it can run Starcraft without lag. If anyone's had experience, I'd be happy to know.

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  1. Your phone could probably run Starcraft, if it was written for the platform. You'll be fine.
  2. My Inspiron 1000 can't run it very well, it lags. I don't want to pay $175 for the same problem.
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    The Inspiron 1000 is far more than ample to play starcraft. You either had a bad software configuration or messed up drivers.
  4. it plays starcfaft and i agree, it should pwn it. But it does lag. Do you know how to fix it?
  5. Well, there can be any number of problems...I'd have to be in front of it to find the right one.
  6. the problem is the CPU throttles itself down to very very slow and the whole comp becomes choppy. not sure how to fix it, but mine is doing the same thing
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