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Best IPS panel for gaming?

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July 7, 2008 12:14:32 PM

So, let me get this right. IPS are better of the 3 when it comes to picture quality and response time. Maybe not as low latency as the best TN, or not the best Picture Qualit as the best PVA, but when best as a whole since it can relativly be as good as both those panels in their own department.

So that being said, I guess I want an IPS panel for it's incredibly low input lag/latency delay and it's high quality picture quality. I want to game and watch movies, and I'm willing to spend the extra dollar for the quality.

I heard DoubleSight DS-263N is the best for this job.

Could anyone agree? I'm disapointed that it has no HDMI support. Does anyone know if it is a gloss or matte finish?

Also does it have 1:1 pixel mapping so I can play games on smaller resolutions without stretching or anything of that nature?

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July 7, 2008 8:24:28 PM

According to someone's review at it does have 1:1 pixel mapping. It also has a matte finish.

It uses the same H-IPS panel manufactured by LG Philips and used in the NEC LCD2690WUXi (my monitor) and the Planar PX2611.

Not sure where the rumor of the "A-TW polarizer" originated from, but the DoubleSight does not have this particular polarizer. It is an additional polarizer on top of a normal polarizer that typically applied to the panel itself. The A-TW polarizer basically lessens the glowing effect of white light.

S-PVA and P-MVA are generally considered better for watching movies because they are less likely to have "crushed black" issues where dark blacks and other dark colors can be "crushed" to appear darker than intended.

Gaming is pretty good on my NEC LCD2690WUXi I don't really notice too much ghosting. At least not enough for me to complain. I haven't played a game on it recently though. Guess I'll fire up HL2 later to check.

July 7, 2008 8:24:50 PM

Actually IPSs have better overall image quality than PVAs. Not familiar with that model though.
July 8, 2008 2:00:13 AM

Yes, overall IPS panels are better than all other panels in image quality however, for movies VA panels seems to offer slightly better quality when watching movies (generally speaking).