Can't upload video from Sony Handycam Mini DV

Apparently there are a lot of people out there with similar difficulties. Here is the problem I've been having:
I have had a Sony Handycam (DCR HC26) for 3 years and I have never been able to import video. My old PC was so outdated it pretty much couldn't handle any video editing software. So last year I got a new Vaio laptop. Imagine my surprise when I had nothing but trouble (i.e. system crashes)trying to import video from my SONY camcorder to my SONY laptop. Research seemed to indicate that Vista may have been the problem. So I gave up.
Eventually I upgraded to Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and thought I'd try importing my vacation videos again. Well, the system doesn't crash, but none of the video software I've used even recognizes that the camcorder is connected. I've tried connecting with iLink (S400) and USB. Nothing. I tried going through Sony support, and got a link to a troubleshooting page that I've already tried. It just says that drivers come pre-installed with Win 7.
The IEEE cable I've been using is 4-pin to 4-pin. Since it feels like I've exhausted solutions involving both the laptop and the camcorder, is it possible that the problem lies in the firewire cable??
Any other suggestions? I'm at my wits end.
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  1. Did it help?
    I've been trying to do a direct capture from the DCR-HC26 to my computer. But somehow the system only recognized the audio and NOT the video portion of the camera. Any idea what can fix this?
  2. Hi

    I have Win XP SP2 which according to the Sony support site provides drivers for capture, but it doesn't. I used to do capture with no problem. Could it be a Windows update which has deleted the driver?

    Would appreciate some help!


    number13 said:
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