While skyping someone what causes the screen to go blue in color

Hello, I was wondering about these nowadays software programs that enable one to video record Skype calls that one might have with another individual. If a person were to video record someone while they were skyping someone, once the video record software video recording the skyped person is shut off, would it at times instantly go temporarily to a all blue screen before the skyper recording the other skyper reappears again? If not, is there any other type of knowledge that you might have, that could explain what I witnessed while someone was skyping someone else? Thank you very much concerning this matter. If this site is tied to Roxio or Corel, it would be regarding a Roxio Creator NXT program or something else similar that might do the same thing, or something different that is similar. Thanks, again. All the best, Charles.
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  1. Is this possible evidence that someone could be taping someone without them knowing it while they are skyping one another?
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