Canon camcorder miniDV Z200 "Remove the cassette"

I have a camcorder Canon mini DV ZR 200
Just a month after the warranty expired, my camcorder started to malfunction as I was getting the "Remove the cassette" error message. I couldn't use my camcorder anymore as I am unable to load any dv tape and the user manual doesn't provide any solution!!!!

I contacted canon support and they said that I need to service it.
I live in Manhattan and they don't even have a service center in the city but far in Queens or NJ!!!
What kind of customer service is this? Canon cannot even service New York City!!!!
So either I have to ship the camcorder at my own cost or drive for over an hour to get it services (and they are only open restrictive hours).

I googled the problem and found hundreds of threads for this issue but no solution....
Has anybody solved this problem before?
Thank you.
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  1. Yes, I have the same problem. Disconnect the battery, then put it back in. try turning it on. Keep doing this till you get it to work. I was just watching my sons football game and the camcorder did this. It took about 20 times, but it worked.
    Canon is no help. they just want your money.
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